Dreams of Elyssia

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Dreams of Elyssia was recorded in various locations including Teatro Fondamenta Nuove in Venice, a little wooden house in Sweden, Tin Pan Alley Studios, and in Connemara, Ireland. The title track was inspired by the Greek idea of Paradise, Elysian Fields. It was first released on the Current 93 album Live at the Teatro Iberico, recorded in Lisbon with Antony and the Johnsons.

After the initial Venice recordings in 2005, Dreams of Elyssia was completed in 2008, mostly in Sweden, and has now been released on 10 to 1 Records, London.

“This album is dedicated to the memory of my mother Lisbet Elliott, née Frölich. It’s about life and death, love and loss, and ultimately hope.”


Catalog #

10 to 1 Records tto 003 (2009)



Piano, Voice, Harmonium Maja Elliott
Clarinet, Sax Johnny Enqvist
Flute Rowland Sutherland
Guitar Mats Götherskjöld
Violin Josefin Runsteen
Violin Yvette Gorham
Viola, 2nd Voice Josefin Runsteen
Cello Denise Moorcroft
Sound Manipulation Paul Bradley
Sound Engineers Steve Kent
Fabrizio Palumbo
Martin Bae
Mats Götherskjöld
Eugene Kelly
Design Richard Chapman
Photos Monika Keska
Davide Pepe