Interview Published in Book

Olika Människor

Olika Människor (Different People) is an anthology of cultural interviews by the journalist, photographer and musician Karl Abrahamsson. Karl has portrayed photographers, directors, writers, musicians and artists who all have one thing in common: a passionate vision of how life should be lived.

Alongside Maja Elliott, interviewees include Genesis P-Orridge, Malcolm McLaren and Kenneth Anger. as well as Dian Hanson, Michael Moynihan, June Newton, Wes Lang, Maja Ratkje, Carl Johan De Geer, Ewa Rudling, Mika Vainio / Pan Sonic, Missy Suicide, Mark McCloud, Gunnar Smoliansky, Michael Bowen, Jens Assur, Peter Beard, Bo Cavefors, Ralph Gibson, Ralph Metzner, Charles Gatewood, von HausswolffElggren, Stelarc, John Duncan, Lars Hillersberg, Hans Scheike, V Vale, Steve Leyba, Adam Parfrey and Conrad Rooks